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the nothingness inside my skull

im so bored. goodness. Im eating garfield goldfish. yum yummy. once your options of entertainment run low, you start going crazy, and thinking of random things. like, why cant grass be purple. jk. i think im gonna go for a walk. jeesh. lil children make you tired!

Now, what to talk about. hrmmm, i know! the random thoughts in my head! yes! that will be fun to talk about ok, heres whats going on in my head! *crikets singing and elevator music* ok.....lemme think. ok, i got something to talk about.
16 MORE DAYS TILL MY B-DAY! im gonna get some of my really good friends and go somewhere. dunno where. not my house. bahhh, unless i cleaned it, or paid someone to do it for me...thats sounds better,, but i will do my room thank you very much! maybe movies, mall or sumthin. i want it to be on my birthday. its not an actual party, i just want to chill on my b-day. i dont care if you guys get me presents. i just dont really care, but if you like....you can buy me presents. im not holding you against that privilage! go on! buy me things! lol. spoiled rotten brat i know, i know. Dude, i really hope i get that guitar or digital camera. i want both *sniff* plus tons of cds. But i can get that from money. ekk! i need new incubus cd's. i need everysingle one. mine are all......distroyed. *gets tissue* i cant even listen to 1 full track without the cd skipping. peeves me off man.

the lil hobbit of herself is saying goodbye for today...or so we think....maybe.....yeahh....
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ME!!! i'm a good friend!!! yay.... tell me what cds you want.... i love giving people cds for their birthdays. if i don't like your cd choice, maybe i'll just get you one that i like and i know you don't have.... or something....

christine..... must..... seeee......... house!
do you want to see my house or the house filled with spiders?lol. er....the cds i want are
Incubus cds-any ones but the new one(i think my mom is getting that for me)
TOOL-any cds
metallica-anything but black album
Red hot chili peppers-any cd
you know what music i like! just dont buy me brittany spears or anything like that, if so.....you'll get worse for your b-day! lol *evil laugh* *pulls out teletubies cd along with barney, sesame street and.....the wgiggles dun dun dunnnnn*

yep christine, your my good friend. lucky you. haha. your basically my best friend. Though i pity you, you have to deal with me! lol
heh..... by the time my birthday comes around again, you probably wouldn't remember.... but I'll get you some good stuff. britney spears is not worth anyone's 10 bucks.
argh...... and NEVER get me the wiggles *shiver*..... *SHIVER*..... *throws up all over keyboard*


and it would be worse if you actually made me look at them :P