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THEM must DIE!

Well. Today was ok i guess. No family stuff, thank you lord! i can live now! *deep breathe* thats what basically my day good. I woke up with a fever. 98.9 bleh. stayed in bed. felt like crap. wow. very interesting eh? Went to try out for soccer. im basically already on it. Ive been on this team for 3 years. 3 FULL years. so im fine. we got some awesome players but then, of course, our lil miss princess Brianna (or Queen Bree) has to be a complete ass. like old times. o goodie! not. we were playing 4 v. 4. she was on my team at the time, cuz we had a sub. On my team, at the time, i had Audrey, Ev, Bree and me. 2 forwards, 1 mid, 1 defense. 2 f+ev, and bree) audrey(mid) and me(def). bree goes out of the game to talk to the girl not playing. I yelled at here telling her i need your help. she said "i will be right there" after 5 goals were scored, i was extremely pissed(knowing my short temper) (for all of those who have seen my really pissed, and those who havnt i guess, i do this hand thing. i squeze and press extremely hard on my thumbs. i broke them once by doing so :/)i did that thumb thing. I yelled..more like screamed at bree "BREE!!! PLEASE! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! IM THE ONLY DEF! ITS HARD DOING 3 v. 1!" she yelled/screamed at me "SARAH! JUST CHILL! ILL BE THERE IN A MINUTE!" i heard her muttering "jeez, god, i hate her and audrey basically" Audrey got really pissed and told her to come out at onmce. she did so. i was pretty pissed. hehe. we told the coach about it. he said "well, i hope she was trying out for another team" YES! no offense, bree is a nice person, but good, when you play soccer, you dont paint your nails the team colors, worry if there broken, flip your hair, and wear the slutiest clothing imaginable! its SOCCER. come on! jeez! grr. i hate people like THAT! Its a sport were your pushed, killed, and smuttered in. the last thing you should worry about are boys, and your nails. You can giggle and laugh between drills, at breaks, or before practise, or its a scrimage for FUN. not during tryouts! grr. hate them. hate them all. must not kill.....cant be locked up....wont last....here i come ebay with Bree and those people unneeded organs that i will burn in squirrels that already bomb....yes....yes my precious, be patient.....you will get your pain out on here tommorrow.....just wait bree......im def...your off....here comes sarah!
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