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Wow. nothing has happened today...well, not thinking of it, this is what happened
Woke up sick again, but im fine now. went to sweet tomatoes and saw kaylah there. she works there and all. so yeah. ate a yum,my warm brownie sunday. yummm. went to Publix, the 2 cashier people(1 for scanning the other for bagging) were hitting on me. dont worry, they were in high school. that wasnt bad, but when your mom comes in and joins it and makes fun of you by telling imbaressing stories life just seems to stop. o well. i told her id get my revenge i havnt fully accomplished that mission yet. but i made her put all the groceries away and put the cart away. but that was also cuz muy hip is hurting. it hurts. *tear* it needs to be messaged.....but i dont like to be messaged.....there. no thank you. o well. yeah. thats my day. cant wait for try-outs! wut will queen bree do next! we shall see! o yes...we shall see!
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