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yeah! no soccer! ..omg... no bree! *gasps nand faints*

like the title says"hurrah!" sings inside me! yippeee hurrah! my cat Taffy is buggin me. he's purring but hes all over me..i think he's horny...hehe...even though he's fixed.....who knows. i guess he just loves me! hehe!
hhmmm. yeah. im severly bored. i want to do sometihng this weekend besides band. yeah....im severly bored. i wanna go somewhere! *tear* i need to call christine sometime soon. yeahh about band and next week. i need her/you(for christine only you christine posers) to help me decide when were gonna have band and wut to do 4 meg b-day. like where to go, what to do and fun stuff like that. We may go paintballing! ekk! that should be fun! No need to pay for it though, we got free tickets, we won them! yeah! i dunno how many people can go but if its a few, just my best friends are gonna go. if theres more than like 5...invite more! yeahhh. who to invite!?! i dunno. People are getting a weee bit carried off about my birthday. like crazy christine, she is giving me like 8 presents. crazy lil girl...but a lil insanity is good. its healthy. and marc, geez, he's trying to find the perfect cd for. hes researching and crap. er...no offense but im not the queen of england or anything. i do love cd's and presents..but....im only human, dont spoil me. jeez, but if your gonna do that, make it good! well...i think im gonna open the ice cream and watch a movie. somebody call me! im severly borfeed! 7707511682! lata
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