A wee lil hobbit (xxthrownawayxx) wrote,
A wee lil hobbit

53 is short

Today was boring like all the summer days now. But just remember this, SCHOOL STARTS AUGUST 9TH!?! WTF!?! That is in 53 days! ahh! thats to short! it needs to be like in 3000000000000 years! god! o well.
*deep breathe* hmm, nothing has happened today really.
Audrey and i talked about bree. We offereed her a spot on the team but she didnt reply so hopefully shes not taking it. her reason is that since shes "in charge"(accoring to her) people are going to hate her and she cant have that! everyone muist love bree! pfft, everyone BUT our soccer team maybe. i hope she plays on anbother team and we get to play against her. hehehe. Yeahh, this really god girl named Emily joined our team, so happy. because shes awesome. hehehe. but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

wow...there really is nothing to talk about! hmm....more later i guess? ok. lata
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