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[04 Aug 2004|07:41pm]
long time no see

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[29 Jun 2004|08:13pm]
im using xanga more now...my new journal is xanga.comxxthrownawayxx fun fun. ok. yeah........................................................................................................................................well my birthday was great..awesome presents........lata
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god, i am so freckin bored! *dies* [18 Jun 2004|08:37pm]
i was bored..so i took a few quizes...
Grunge! You're all about the music and would even
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^^that one...er...sure..yes im homicidle! thats why im here instead of prison!
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^^and yet, people hate and dont trust me..hmm
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53 is short [17 Jun 2004|08:40pm]
Today was boring like all the summer days now. But just remember this, SCHOOL STARTS AUGUST 9TH!?! WTF!?! That is in 53 days! ahh! thats to short! it needs to be like in 3000000000000 years! god! o well.
*deep breathe* hmm, nothing has happened today really.
Audrey and i talked about bree. We offereed her a spot on the team but she didnt reply so hopefully shes not taking it. her reason is that since shes "in charge"(accoring to her) people are going to hate her and she cant have that! everyone muist love bree! pfft, everyone BUT our soccer team maybe. i hope she plays on anbother team and we get to play against her. hehehe. Yeahh, this really god girl named Emily joined our team, so happy. because shes awesome. hehehe. but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

wow...there really is nothing to talk about! hmm....more later i guess? ok. lata
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a bleh boring day [16 Jun 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

wow. nothing happened today. fun fun. my aunt kay come over, i made fun of her drawing of her new truck. hehe, it looked like a flinstone truck. hahahaha. well anyways....
did nothing today. funfun
went to soccer tryouts of course the lil miss priss Bree had to be a butthead and a bitch to everyone but mainly Audrey and i. i went against her, she had the ball, i was defense, so she scratched me on the arm, and it hurts, it bleed a lil. though i didnt really mind, i just went o well sorta face. i noticed that pissed her off. but before that Audrey's dad went to go get pennies(color thingies-like jerseys) for us. bree said "ok, water break" and audrey said "Whoaaa, why? we've only been practising for just about a minute, and my father asaid to keep on doing the passing" cat fight, it was interesting, though i knew audrey was right, i decided just to be nice(cuz im like that)and say "how aboput instead of fighting, the people who are thirsty-go get water, the people who are not, stay here" hehe, they both ignored me and went on and kicked the baall..i guess she wasnt thirsty
Bree is so power hungry, god. i told audrey, "whomever we make captain...do NOT make it bree" cuz she is always power hungry, if shes not incharge, she will be a bitch about it. and when she is..she is a bitch about it...orders, just stupid stuff...power hungry crazy wierdos...
o well, thats it for today. 10 more days till my b-day! yeah! ok...enough boredom...christine told me to update...so i updated-AREW YOU HAPPY NOW!?! jeez, hehe, jk, night to all

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yeah! no soccer! ..omg... no bree! *gasps nand faints* [15 Jun 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

like the title says"hurrah!" sings inside me! yippeee hurrah! my cat Taffy is buggin me. he's purring but hes all over me..i think he's horny...hehe...even though he's fixed.....who knows. i guess he just loves me! hehe!
hhmmm. yeah. im severly bored. i want to do sometihng this weekend besides band. yeah....im severly bored. i wanna go somewhere! *tear* i need to call christine sometime soon. yeahh about band and next week. i need her/you(for christine only you christine posers) to help me decide when were gonna have band and wut to do 4 meg b-day. like where to go, what to do and fun stuff like that. We may go paintballing! ekk! that should be fun! No need to pay for it though, we got free tickets, we won them! yeah! i dunno how many people can go but if its a few, just my best friends are gonna go. if theres more than like 5...invite more! yeahhh. who to invite!?! i dunno. People are getting a weee bit carried off about my birthday. like crazy christine, she is giving me like 8 presents. crazy lil girl...but a lil insanity is good. its healthy. and marc, geez, he's trying to find the perfect cd for. hes researching and crap. er...no offense but im not the queen of england or anything. i do love cd's and presents..but....im only human, dont spoil me. jeez, but if your gonna do that, make it good! well...i think im gonna open the ice cream and watch a movie. somebody call me! im severly borfeed! 7707511682! lata

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blah [15 Jun 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Wow. nothing has happened today...well, not thinking of it, this is what happened
Woke up sick again, but im fine now. went to sweet tomatoes and saw kaylah there. she works there and all. so yeah. ate a yum,my warm brownie sunday. yummm. went to Publix, the 2 cashier people(1 for scanning the other for bagging) were hitting on me. dont worry, they were in high school. that wasnt bad, but when your mom comes in and joins it and makes fun of you by telling imbaressing stories life just seems to stop. o well. i told her id get my revenge i havnt fully accomplished that mission yet. but i made her put all the groceries away and put the cart away. but that was also cuz muy hip is hurting. it hurts. *tear* it needs to be messaged.....but i dont like to be messaged.....there. no thank you. o well. yeah. thats my day. cant wait for try-outs! wut will queen bree do next! we shall see! o yes...we shall see!

taste the ocean

THEM must DIE! [14 Jun 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Well. Today was ok i guess. No family stuff, thank you lord! i can live now! *deep breathe* thats what basically my day good. I woke up with a fever. 98.9 bleh. stayed in bed. felt like crap. wow. very interesting eh? Went to try out for soccer. im basically already on it. Ive been on this team for 3 years. 3 FULL years. so im fine. we got some awesome players but then, of course, our lil miss princess Brianna (or Queen Bree) has to be a complete ass. like old times. o goodie! not. we were playing 4 v. 4. she was on my team at the time, cuz we had a sub. On my team, at the time, i had Audrey, Ev, Bree and me. 2 forwards, 1 mid, 1 defense. 2 f+ev, and bree) audrey(mid) and me(def). bree goes out of the game to talk to the girl not playing. I yelled at here telling her i need your help. she said "i will be right there" after 5 goals were scored, i was extremely pissed(knowing my short temper) (for all of those who have seen my really pissed, and those who havnt i guess, i do this hand thing. i squeze and press extremely hard on my thumbs. i broke them once by doing so :/)i did that thumb thing. I yelled..more like screamed at bree "BREE!!! PLEASE! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! IM THE ONLY DEF! ITS HARD DOING 3 v. 1!" she yelled/screamed at me "SARAH! JUST CHILL! ILL BE THERE IN A MINUTE!" i heard her muttering "jeez, god, i hate her and audrey basically" Audrey got really pissed and told her to come out at onmce. she did so. i was pretty pissed. hehe. we told the coach about it. he said "well, i hope she was trying out for another team" YES! no offense, bree is a nice person, but good, when you play soccer, you dont paint your nails the team colors, worry if there broken, flip your hair, and wear the slutiest clothing imaginable! its SOCCER. come on! jeez! grr. i hate people like THAT! Its a sport were your pushed, killed, and smuttered in. the last thing you should worry about are boys, and your nails. You can giggle and laugh between drills, at breaks, or before practise, or its a scrimage for FUN. not during tryouts! grr. hate them. hate them all. must not kill.....cant be locked up....wont last....here i come ebay with Bree and those people unneeded organs that i will burn in squirrels that already bomb....yes....yes my precious, be patient.....you will get your pain out on here tommorrow.....just wait bree......im def...your off....here comes sarah!

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Life is Just [13 Jun 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

th"Life is Just? Just get a clue!'-Bruce Almighty.
The last two days, have just sucked. My dad's side are being complete asses. I really do hate them severly. My parents are going to change that thing where if they die, where do i go. I would be staying with my Uncle Pete. He's on my dad's side and treats me and my brother worse than shit. There going to change it, thats how cruel there being. My dad even said, "If i never saw Kathy and Chris(his younger sister and brother) ever again, I would be fine." Everyone treats us like shit. And why do they hate us. They have no reasons. The only ones my family can think of are that im my mothers offspring, that i havnt flunked a grade yet, and my brothers autistic. lol, but kate cheered me up by saying "they are jealous of how cool you guys really are". lol. she is soo right! lol
But on a lighter note, my mom said no to a friend at the party, the famil;y party. but after yesturdaay and todays Foreman Stunt's, she said she'll think about it. Thank the lord! Well Taffy wont leave me alone. My crazy kittie. but hes so cut! I bought a kewl skirt. im gonna make another one. Its long and thin and blue and green. i lurv it. well, taffy is waiting for me, and attacking my back.
I dont think i will cry for another day. Lets see what the lil fuckers do next! and im sorry for my french.

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B-E-A-utiful [13 Jun 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Im at my grandparents house. Fun stuff. Im about to go mad. but yeah, thats life. fun fun fun. were going to go see chronicles of ridic or w/e. It will be ok since the people that are going are actually nice to me. goodie. well....yeah..
O! tell me what you guys are doing on june27th, thats my b-day and i want to be with all my friends then. ok? were probably just gopnna go to the mall or sumthin. movies? i dunno. paintball maybe, i got free passes for like 5 people i think. maybe 6. i dunno...got to go.lata

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i have such a wonderful family, i just wish that was true [12 Jun 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I know "hate" is a strong word and that you should never hate. But god, i HATE them. I HATE my family from My dad's side. I really do hate them. They hate me as well. Let see, do you want my reasons? ok, here they are i dont want to be called a bitch for nothing, so here is my evidense.
Reason#1-I fortinatly forgot this memory until my mom retold me this monster awakening the nightmare inside. Last year at thanksgiving, my whole family(me, my dad, my mom, and roger) came inside my grandparents house. everyone was already there. My grandfather came in and said "Look who it is! Its richard, and his wife, and lil roger, and....er................." he went totally blank when he was supposed to say my name. I was pretty peeved off before hand from them aswell for not telling me that we were having thanksgiving a day early. I walked up to him, fist clenched, stook out my right hand and said Hello, my name is Sarah, you know your grandaughter?" He still stood in disbelief. grrr.
Reason#2- when i was little, it was my birthday, my grandparents gave me a present, i opened it. There, underneath all the raping paper, stood a barbie. I just sat there. I said "uh...thank you...i guess" My lil brat cousin comes up to me punches mer in the stomach scratches my arm and grabs the barbie and kicked me and left. Everyone(besides my mom and my dad and roger-not in room) else just stood there smiling like instead of beating the hell out of me, she was kissing.. i swear i heard an "aww"
Reason#3- My cousin Alex came in town for this week from illinois. Today they were going to to dave and busters. i didnt want to go cause i dont like D&B, and i had 2 babysit. But then ealier this morning, my uncle called everyone BUT ME, and asked if they would like to go to the lake. He verywell knows i love to go to the lake. So he didnt invite me cause im "diferent". As my dad said "Screw him, screw the family. im sorry for my french but what i was imagining would make it far worse than an R rated movie." I was thinking the same thing.
Reason#4-They know i do sports(amazed, they dont even know my name) and they know im awesome at crosscountry, so they(grandparents) got jealous of how im actually really good at something at and no one else in the family is good at anything but failing, so they tell everyone that im the worst person on the team, i caused us to lose so many meets, and that when i got injured we won cause i wasnt there. Hmmm, there not very good liers.

As you can see, if you were me, you would also hate them. They hate because im myself. Im not a foreman. Im not. im myself. i choose not to become severe alchoholics, or to smoke pot or do illegal drugs and actual make a difference. Fuck them. sorry for my language, but there assess. true asses.

My mom and i talked. we decided that if we had 2 move caus e of my dads work. we would move. I would truly miss my friends, but i dont ever want to see THEM ever again. We also concluded that they are no longer our family. they have ben doing this for over 20 years to my mom. i know her pain, she knows mine. though i will invite the to my party, i do want an iPOD. o, my mom said no friends, but after today, i can bring one friend, maybe. Christine, youd be goign, and i will be wearing a name tag that says "hello, my name is sarah" and christine, your gonna be me and im gonna be you to see if they can reconize me. well, im going to the pool, i cant cry anymore, i have no more liquid inside.

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the quiz game....for my boredom [11 Jun 2004|02:30pm]
i was bored and decided to take somwe quizes

lol. stine took this quiz, and i decided to see what i am.
lol i found this very funny cuz im a camp counselor for small children. hahahaha
click here to take more tests like this at internet junk!
what warning label are you?

sarah, from this day forward,

your Star Wars name shall be....

forsa Luatl

click here to take some more great tests at internet junk
um.... just call me spud!

Congratulations for making it through the test without falling asleep! You are awake, right? Hello? Keep an energy drink nearby and maybe, just maybe, you'll continue this odd trend!

haha, i really about to fall asleep.

more later. sorry
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the nothingness inside my skull [10 Jun 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

im so bored. goodness. Im eating garfield goldfish. yum yummy. once your options of entertainment run low, you start going crazy, and thinking of random things. like, why cant grass be purple. jk. i think im gonna go for a walk. jeesh. lil children make you tired!

Now, what to talk about. hrmmm, i know! the random thoughts in my head! yes! that will be fun to talk about ok, heres whats going on in my head! *crikets singing and elevator music* ok.....lemme think. ok, i got something to talk about.
16 MORE DAYS TILL MY B-DAY! im gonna get some of my really good friends and go somewhere. dunno where. not my house. bahhh, unless i cleaned it, or paid someone to do it for me...thats sounds better,, but i will do my room thank you very much! maybe movies, mall or sumthin. i want it to be on my birthday. its not an actual party, i just want to chill on my b-day. i dont care if you guys get me presents. i just dont really care, but if you like....you can buy me presents. im not holding you against that privilage! go on! buy me things! lol. spoiled rotten brat i know, i know. Dude, i really hope i get that guitar or digital camera. i want both *sniff* plus tons of cds. But i can get that from money. ekk! i need new incubus cd's. i need everysingle one. mine are all......distroyed. *gets tissue* i cant even listen to 1 full track without the cd skipping. peeves me off man.

the lil hobbit of herself is saying goodbye for today...or so we think....maybe.....yeahh....

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the infamous hell [09 Jun 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

i am stuck in this room of terror......FOR 3 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! if you dont know what im talking about go to my OTHER(yes, i have yet, another) @ lostsoul007
 but i did my research(not really, just extreme boredom) on incubus. yep extremly bored as you can tell. since i am THAt bored, im going to right down there bio, stuff and more stuff! maybe my favorite pics...who knows

yeah, just doing pics, sorry everyone. maybe later i will write my book on incubus. lol

Brandon pics: Pic1 , Pic2, Pic3, Pic4

Good Group pics: Pic1,

thats all for now folks(yes!) Goodbye now....its 7:13, not 9 *tear*

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hello! [07 Jun 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hello! my name is sarah. and my hobbies are music and writing. I will use this screename to talk about them. my actual journal is under lostsoul007. i play guitar in a band with my friends. were not really sure about the name yet, but it should be fun!
My guitar right now is a fender red and white stratocaster. but i want this guitar is at this website http://www.fender.com/products/show.php?partno=0256500
its called a AerodyneTM Stratocaster® its all black....i wants it! well anyways. Yeah, im off looking for communites to join! about guitars and music and such! well.....ill write more later! bye!

taste the ocean

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