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i have such a wonderful family, i just wish that was true

I know "hate" is a strong word and that you should never hate. But god, i HATE them. I HATE my family from My dad's side. I really do hate them. They hate me as well. Let see, do you want my reasons? ok, here they are i dont want to be called a bitch for nothing, so here is my evidense.
Reason#1-I fortinatly forgot this memory until my mom retold me this monster awakening the nightmare inside. Last year at thanksgiving, my whole family(me, my dad, my mom, and roger) came inside my grandparents house. everyone was already there. My grandfather came in and said "Look who it is! Its richard, and his wife, and lil roger, and....er................." he went totally blank when he was supposed to say my name. I was pretty peeved off before hand from them aswell for not telling me that we were having thanksgiving a day early. I walked up to him, fist clenched, stook out my right hand and said Hello, my name is Sarah, you know your grandaughter?" He still stood in disbelief. grrr.
Reason#2- when i was little, it was my birthday, my grandparents gave me a present, i opened it. There, underneath all the raping paper, stood a barbie. I just sat there. I said "uh...thank you...i guess" My lil brat cousin comes up to me punches mer in the stomach scratches my arm and grabs the barbie and kicked me and left. Everyone(besides my mom and my dad and roger-not in room) else just stood there smiling like instead of beating the hell out of me, she was kissing.. i swear i heard an "aww"
Reason#3- My cousin Alex came in town for this week from illinois. Today they were going to to dave and busters. i didnt want to go cause i dont like D&B, and i had 2 babysit. But then ealier this morning, my uncle called everyone BUT ME, and asked if they would like to go to the lake. He verywell knows i love to go to the lake. So he didnt invite me cause im "diferent". As my dad said "Screw him, screw the family. im sorry for my french but what i was imagining would make it far worse than an R rated movie." I was thinking the same thing.
Reason#4-They know i do sports(amazed, they dont even know my name) and they know im awesome at crosscountry, so they(grandparents) got jealous of how im actually really good at something at and no one else in the family is good at anything but failing, so they tell everyone that im the worst person on the team, i caused us to lose so many meets, and that when i got injured we won cause i wasnt there. Hmmm, there not very good liers.

As you can see, if you were me, you would also hate them. They hate because im myself. Im not a foreman. Im not. im myself. i choose not to become severe alchoholics, or to smoke pot or do illegal drugs and actual make a difference. Fuck them. sorry for my language, but there assess. true asses.

My mom and i talked. we decided that if we had 2 move caus e of my dads work. we would move. I would truly miss my friends, but i dont ever want to see THEM ever again. We also concluded that they are no longer our family. they have ben doing this for over 20 years to my mom. i know her pain, she knows mine. though i will invite the to my party, i do want an iPOD. o, my mom said no friends, but after today, i can bring one friend, maybe. Christine, youd be goign, and i will be wearing a name tag that says "hello, my name is sarah" and christine, your gonna be me and im gonna be you to see if they can reconize me. well, im going to the pool, i cant cry anymore, i have no more liquid inside.
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