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Life is Just

th"Life is Just? Just get a clue!'-Bruce Almighty.
The last two days, have just sucked. My dad's side are being complete asses. I really do hate them severly. My parents are going to change that thing where if they die, where do i go. I would be staying with my Uncle Pete. He's on my dad's side and treats me and my brother worse than shit. There going to change it, thats how cruel there being. My dad even said, "If i never saw Kathy and Chris(his younger sister and brother) ever again, I would be fine." Everyone treats us like shit. And why do they hate us. They have no reasons. The only ones my family can think of are that im my mothers offspring, that i havnt flunked a grade yet, and my brothers autistic. lol, but kate cheered me up by saying "they are jealous of how cool you guys really are". lol. she is soo right! lol
But on a lighter note, my mom said no to a friend at the party, the famil;y party. but after yesturdaay and todays Foreman Stunt's, she said she'll think about it. Thank the lord! Well Taffy wont leave me alone. My crazy kittie. but hes so cut! I bought a kewl skirt. im gonna make another one. Its long and thin and blue and green. i lurv it. well, taffy is waiting for me, and attacking my back.
I dont think i will cry for another day. Lets see what the lil fuckers do next! and im sorry for my french.
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