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a bleh boring day

wow. nothing happened today. fun fun. my aunt kay come over, i made fun of her drawing of her new truck. hehe, it looked like a flinstone truck. hahahaha. well anyways....
did nothing today. funfun
went to soccer tryouts of course the lil miss priss Bree had to be a butthead and a bitch to everyone but mainly Audrey and i. i went against her, she had the ball, i was defense, so she scratched me on the arm, and it hurts, it bleed a lil. though i didnt really mind, i just went o well sorta face. i noticed that pissed her off. but before that Audrey's dad went to go get pennies(color thingies-like jerseys) for us. bree said "ok, water break" and audrey said "Whoaaa, why? we've only been practising for just about a minute, and my father asaid to keep on doing the passing" cat fight, it was interesting, though i knew audrey was right, i decided just to be nice(cuz im like that)and say "how aboput instead of fighting, the people who are thirsty-go get water, the people who are not, stay here" hehe, they both ignored me and went on and kicked the baall..i guess she wasnt thirsty
Bree is so power hungry, god. i told audrey, "whomever we make captain...do NOT make it bree" cuz she is always power hungry, if shes not incharge, she will be a bitch about it. and when she is..she is a bitch about it...orders, just stupid stuff...power hungry crazy wierdos...
o well, thats it for today. 10 more days till my b-day! yeah! ok...enough boredom...christine told me to update...so i updated-AREW YOU HAPPY NOW!?! jeez, hehe, jk, night to all
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